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We're Puzzle Masters

Solving the unpredictable market performance puzzle is no easy task. Investment advisors need to be versatile; they need access to effective and reliable portfolio analytics, follow a Fiduciary-First methodology, monitor client portfolios diligently and make constant adjustments just to keep their clients happy – LSA is the perfect partner to help piece your investment puzzle together.


At LSA, we take pride in providing investment advisors with the finest tools and infrastructure available today so that they can spend more time on the things that matter: their clients. From portfolio management to research to customized presentation materials, we provide unparalleled support to independent financial advisors countrywide. 

We are available every day to help you reach your objectives through high-powered analytics, technology-enabled back office support, unbiased research, industry expertise, training and quality investment solutions.

Our Team

Brad Kasper - President, CFO

Ryan Kasper, AIF - Partner



    "As an independent advisor, LSA has become an integral part of my deliverables team to my clients. LSA portfolios are constructed from a sound philosophy that simply works, providing confidence to my clients during difficult markets. And all the LSA guys are great to work with as well!"

    -J. Provost, Illinois


    "I’ve had the opportunity to use LSA as the asset management advisory service in my practice for about five years now. Their protection oriented philosophy and management style of loss prevention in down markets and solid returns in up markets has met my expectations and satisfies my clients. I have yet to have an inquiry about return, much less a complaint even with the market volatility we have experienced since I began to use LSA. By using LSA for management advice on client portfolios, it frees me from the many hours I used to spend on research and allows me to do what I do best - gather assets and maintain client relationships. LSA’s disciplined, consistent research and asset selection process provide me peace of mind as an advisor allowing me, at the end of the day, to believe that I am providing real (true) value for those who entrust their assets to me."

    -J. Christian, Louisiana


    "Over the past 4 years I have had a fantastic experience with LSA. Their due diligence and professionalism have saved me time and in turn helped me provide the money management practice my clients demand. I have been a professional trader on the floor of one of the national exchanges. I have seen the back offices of countless brokerage houses. I know when someone knows what they're doing in this industry. I also know what great service is and how truly difficult it is to deliver excellence. LSA has delivered everything I expect and more."

    -M. Kollar, Illinois


    "LSA has been a lifesaver for me! They take "off my plate" the part of my practice that I have always struggled with - investment due diligence and portfolio design - and allow me to spend more time building and managing my client relationships, which, in turn, makes me more productive and has led to much better referrals. The comprehensive nature of their scope (mutual funds, ETF's, plus Variable Annuity and Variable Life sub accounts) means that I can apply one consistent strategy to all my client portfolios. I consider LSA a true partner in my practice."

    -R. Dunlap, Georgia


    "Our partnership with LSA has become an invaluable tool in our day-to-business activities. We have seen a direct impact in the amount of time saved and the accuracy of the research that we are given. Our partnership has not only helped us build our business, but to excel in our customer service by offering timely and accurate market updates."

    -K. Fuerst, Tennessee


    "Having LSA building the portfolios allows us to allocate our resources to other value added services for our clients. I am very grateful for the time that is saved everyday by having LSA perform the research and analytics for my clients’ portfolios."

    -M. James, Indiana


    "LSA's portfolios are the tops! The portfolios have held up during the worst of times, keeping my clients' accounts steady - giving each client the confidence to keep their retirement time line just as they wanted. The even keel experience provided by LSA keeps my practice growing and my clients successful. Thank you for all that you do and give to each of us, the independent advisor."

    -K. Monroe, California